Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chicken Pox?!?

So we thought my precious, cute, little 23 month old had the pox.  He had a fever all day on Monday.  We got it to break with Motrin and Tylenol but it always came back.  I didn't feel well so I figured he has what I had.  We cuddled all day, laid around and did nothing.  Tuesday morning he woke up and was fine.  A little later I noticed these spots on his fingers and toes.  I took a couple pictures and sent them to my mom.  She thought it was the Pox.  I called my older sister who is an RN and she came over and at first she said they don't look like Chicken Pox because he was none on his trunk.  My dad came over and said I think it's the pox.  I asked my neighbor and he said it's the pox.  Well me being the mom I am called the Dr.   


A spot on his finger

Wednesday morning we wake up (we didn't really sleep) Miles was restless all night.  The spots of gotten worse.  There are more and the older ones are starting to blister more.  He screamed and cried all day.  He was so uncomfortable and the spots kept coming.  He didn't nap all day.  He would be close to falling asleep and he would start itching and wake up.  Finally we get to go to the Dr.  and we are called back right away.  The Dr. comes in looks at them and says that is is Hand, Foot and Mouth.  Benadryl him up, keep him on the Motrin and Tylenol.  The chances of Lacey getting it are slim because she hasn't broke out yet.  His sores are 10x worse today than they were yesterday.  She said he will continue to get sores and run a fever for a couple more days.  Say a little prayer that it goes away soon, my poor baby is miserable.  
My semi happy boy this morning

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